About mi

hi there, i’m Angad, 23 year old indian male, your typical game designer (yes, we are all pretty much the same). You have the standard package including “geek”,”party crasher” (and thus ‘party-er’).

I’m currently looking for internships in game design, wouldn’t you give me a chance 🙂

things i like: cats, conversations, arguments, books, experimental <place activity here>

things i don’t like: i can never think of anything worldy appropriate to put here….but we did have to have an antonym to the previous thing didn’t we 🙂 it’s s hard not to see the humor in everything…everything i don’t like is usually so temporary that it really doesn’t matter…

oh i thought of something, yes, i don’t like anti-intellectualism.

i have decided that eventually, i want to learn sailing, fishing, and i want to live on a boat…

i like people who read books. i’ll fill that boat with people who read books..also their books..maybe just one? person, not book…

also, i will build my own home, with my own hands, someday…maybe ill even build that boat 😛

but i really want to live with cats…grrr…my dreams are colliding with each other!! maybe i should breed a special new dolphincat that can keep me company around my boat, yes, that’s my life ambition! for now…

Note to self:- i should probably be writing things about game design here…but really, what is it that people looking for game design employees look for? i’d just look for interesting people…one thing i can tell you is that i’m capable of making a game from scratch, such are my skills currently, and my motivation to learn 🙂 (but no, i’m not an ‘eager programmer’) we’re young capable folk out to get you.

The blockmonkey awaits your call…

LinkedIN profile:- http://www.linkedin.com/in/sharanx

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