My work

These are all the things i’ve created that you!! my future employer!! (are you listening?) can judge me by. Welcome to the blocks of my tower 🙂

The machinima Project

This project was given to us as a part of our course at supinfogame. a Very enlightening project. more HERE

Intensive week 1 – Level design

we were asked to watch a movie called Nid de guêpes‘ (The nest)

the objective was to make a level based ont eh basic concept of this movie, an ambush, a struggle, etc…

read more about it (there’s a video too) HERE

Intensive week 2 – Interactive DVD

the task was to design and create an interactive DVD game (playable on all dvd players), we did it 🙂 in one week! more HERE

SUPINFOGAME Final Year Project(s) (yearlong projects)

Flip that mind

Project details: A third person puzzler. story of an alien that gets lost inside a human’s head and has to find his way out by solving puzzles int eh environment around him (a particular ‘flipping’ mechanism)

Title: Flip that mind


Game engine: Unity 3D

Final Jury: May 2011


Technical headAngad singh

Project manager, game designerAbiram shanmugam

Art directorGeet malhotra

Nano messiah

also due in May 2011, i’m working on the iOS programming for the casual game ‘nano messiah’, an iPad project headed by another team in our batch

Title: Nano messiah

Website: WIP

Final jury: May 2011

Research and documentation

a game designer knows how important documentation is (and how boring it can be to read most documentation) nevertheless 🙂 check them out HERE , i try my best to have them be pleasing to the eye and the brain…

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