Graphic design

3D models/animation

made with skills acquired out of curiosity and learned as part of the course at supinfogame.

Figure 1: The recreation of our respective rooms, one of the first ‘big’ assignments we got. That thing sticking out of the ‘roof’ is an air conditioner vent, this room is much more ‘Personalized’ now (Read: messy)

Model of hostel room, made in 3ds max.

Figure 1: One of the first assignments given to us on 3DS max, to create our respective rooms.

The rise of the blockmonkey!!!

The primitive monkey, quickly made to test a game engine's capabilities (unity 3d)

this guy was made becasue i wanted to make my own character and get it working in the Unity engine, he also stands on my desk (well, can’t say i wasn’t a ‘little’ inspired by him!!:-

the ORIGINAL blockmonkey!

the monkey on the screen is my implementation of the monkey in Unity 3D.

another version, the hollow one.

A better render of the monkey, a version i ended up scrapping because it was too..hollow.

And here’s one of the few animations i made,  i hope this guy is as amusing to you as he is to me 😛


a simple logo i made for the game ‘flip that mind’ (we’re a very indecisive bunch of people, this is actually supposed to be a placeholder!!)

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