Level Design Project on unreal editor

here’s a small video detailing the gameplay of the level we made during our first ‘intensive week’ project at SUPINFOGAME pune (we were one of two teams)

’twas a team consisting of-

Me, Angad singh (texturing/lighting/some geometry)
Abiram shanmugam (cinematics/BSP geometry creation)
Dimitri Laurenty, (programming on kismet), and
Aniruddha Joglekar(scripting paths with the ‘apples’ of the unreal garden)

it was a ‘Level design’ assignment, and we all worked equally on the level design during awesome brainstorming sessions 🙂 fun times…

this video, was created using footage captured using fraps, by me… (Angad singh) on ‘windows movie maker’ (later i became adept with the Adobe creative suite…and i left that crappy software behind forever)

music – ‘song 2’ by ‘blur’
i considered changing the music but when i’d cut up the video i made it the exact length of this track…and it’s a classic track, although i’ve ehard so much new music from that point onwards that the possibilities now seem endless…

note: the frame in the end is a screenshot of the unreal gears of war editor crashing,

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