SUPINFOGAME Final Year Project(s)

Flip that mind

released in may 2011, we worked together on our yearlong project, the prototype of our game ‘Flip that mind‘  a 3rd person puzzle platformer made on unity…read more on the dedicated blogsite HERE

Project details: A third person puzzler. story of an alien that gets lost inside a human’s head and has to find his way out by solving puzzles in the environment around him (a particular ‘flipping’ mechanism, imagine being inside a rubik’s cube!)

Title: Flip that mind


Game engine: Unity 3D

Final Jury: May 2011

Gameplay Video: 


Technical head(i’m the programmer y’all)Angad singh

Project manager, game designerAbiram shanmugam

Art guy – Geet malhotra

we also had help from many of our friends in and out of the college…

Nano messiah

also presented in May 2011, i worked on the iOS programming for the casual game ‘nano messiah’, an iPad project headed by another team in our batch

Title: Nano messiah

Gameplay video:

Final jury: May 2011

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